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Feb 2013
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Wednesday 31 March 2010

why choose wellerassociates for your hypnotherapy training?

Having spent 20 years as a hypnotherapist and running a full time business. You learn what works and what does not. Too many courses in my opinion try to train hypnotherapists to be psychologists and whatever.
The danger being "Jack-of-all-trades and masters of none".
This route takes them outside of established skills sets.

Hypnotherapy is a practical profession built on results. Key to this is building a successful practise so your skill levels are at the highest levels possible. This only happens with successful outcomes.
Little point in being trained to a high standard theoretically then not being able to use it.
Our training therefore has a very practical focus.

Clients use and pay hypnotherapists in my experience of a few thousand hours or more for stop smoking, weight loss, anxiety cures,and anxiety based (phobias,stress,IBS etc)

If they did not need us they would not use us.
My training schools underpin the training by 3 months of coaching back up. We show you how to run a practise and then take hands on approach to help them do it. Neither do we charge extra for it.
Real world.

You do not need a degree to be a successful hypnotherapist, but you do need common sense and the ability to build report with your client. Without that you cannot communicate with the subconscious(this sets us apart from other therapies) and fulfil what they are paying you for. So rapport building is key.

Most purely psychology based work tends to go elsewhere, clients come to hypnotherapy when all else fails.
So lets just train and practise professionally,ethically, and effectively, results driven, getting the best results for clients,without pretending to be what we are not.

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