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Feb 2013
Diploma awards

Friday 19 February 2010

Guideposts Trust

Guideposts are rolling out county wide websites in support of carers.There are 6 million in the UK so its a big market.

Guideposts will be working in conjunction with wellerassociates to provide online programmes such as stress management and smoking.Everything will be packaged online, with email support follow ups, all professionally managed through the excellent client mailer system that is now in place.

This will provide immediate stress relief,or can help someone to kick their smoking habit. With total online support, backed up by a telephone counselling service.

Plans are also in the pipeline that will see more companies use this intergrated approach for employees health and well being

Tuesday 16 February 2010


The original hypnotic tracks produced in June 2005, were priced at £9.99.
Since then we have gone on to add, online coaching and back up, weight loss guide, guide how to get the best, audio visual, money back guarantee, numerous testimonials, hypnotictracks club newsletter, affiliate scheme, multiple purchase discount, mutli currency facility, free stress guide, additional download at point of sale to make sure that any interruptions have not affected your download (power cut etc). CD version.
Plus in April 2007 the sexual enhancement section was added.

The site has come along way and is outstanding value at £22.50 per track and considerably cheaper then using a hypnotherapist, and with unlimited online support and back up

However for those that just want the basic download and nothing else, we went back to source and produced hypnotictracks4u.
At the original price of £9.99

Monday 15 February 2010

Stage hypnosis V clinical hypnotherapy

Hypnosis may be a term, which is used for both however they are completely different. Unfortunately the perception of one dominates the other and therefore makes hypnotherapy underused as a technique, which is a great loss.

Stage hypnosis is based on suggestibility; stage hypnotists will ask for volunteers onto the stage and will weed out anyone who is not suggestible. A suggestible subject will be one that if you asked them to look at the pink elephant next to them will see and act around that suggestion.

5% of any population is very suggestible 5% not, and most are in between. The stage hypnotists will then start the show and create the illusion of control over his subjects. Using lights, music and hypnotic stare and so forth.

The impression given is that having hypnotic powers and that it is an external process.

The audience are entertained and get their moneys worth, but go away from such shows with severe reservations of hypnosis being been a beneficial process for improvement. They fear being “under” a hypnotist and loosing control.

Clinical hypnotherapy is completely different as a technique.

Hypnotherapy is a process of physical and mental relaxation allied to positive go forward suggestions, to help a fee-paying client. The whole process is based on trust and trance state is contract of trust.
This is important to in order to relax the critical faculty and achieve results.

The critical faculty is the left side of the brain or conscious mind, which is fully formed at around 11/12 years of age depending on the individual. Up to that time the subconscious mind is wide open.

The term hypnotherapy is almost is a misnomer as the world hypnosis is derived from the Greek term sleep however the process is not about sleep but about relaxation. A more accurate description of the work is right brain coaching.

Hypnotherapy can be used for a wide range of issues and I have in the past helped clients with smoking, weight loss, anxiety, stress related issues, most phobias, sexual issues, sports enhancement and business confidence.

The list is really endless.

True hypnosis is an internal state as you guide the client into trance state. Self-hypnosis is a more accurate description. For the professional it is about technique and not mystique.

Tony Baldly MP

Tony sits on various Parliamentary committees concerning carers. Tony will be visiting Guideposts and holding discussions with David Beck the CEO and Sam with regard to the stress management programme that has been implemented for carers.
It affords immediate outreach and enables a carer to be able to manage stress in the comfort of their own home. With coaching and counselling as well.
There are 6 million carers in the UK and although some stress management courses may be available not all can attend, or can afford to attend.
The online course also provides an income for Guideposts as well.
A win-win situation

Further details please contact Sam

Sunday 14 February 2010

hypnotictracks club

This is our newsletter we send out monthly to clients that have purchased the downloads or CDs.

The newsletter gives tips, clues and pointer’s on now to get the best from the tracks. The whole idea being it is part of the support and coaching package that we provide to enable you to get the best from your tracks.

Many people go this particular route, as they cannot afford 1 to 1 fees, or have been put off by stage shows on television and feel vulnerable about seeing a hypnotherapist.
This provides the idea solution so we can provide hypnotherapy that is as near as possible to a practise session. At a fraction of the costs of a 1 to 1 session.

From now on we are opening up the newsletter and if you wish to be included please provide your details in the comments box below.

Saturday 13 February 2010

I can make you stop smoking

You cannot make anyone do anything. The subconscious mind must want the suggestions to work. In other words a strong desire factor must be present. The whole process is based not just on stopping smoking,you do that every time you put out a cigarette, but becoming a non-smoker. Big difference. Its called readiness for change.

So “I can make you stop smoking, just one session, 95% success rate. Guaranteed." Is rubbish.

What is a sucess rate?stopping after after one session,one week,a year,till death.Who independently monitors it all?
Based on a refund rate is not the same.

Think about it, building the rapport and being able successfully to communicate with the subconscious enough in just the one session, with that "guarantee" of 95% success rate, adding to the pressure and expectation.

Takes 21 days to break a habit so 3 sessions (same cost as single session) within a weekly pattern with a back up CD/MP has a much better chance of long term success.
Again providing the client wants to. It’s not a magic wand.

what is hypnotherapy?

Clinical hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis unfortunately share the same name hypnosis, which means peoples perception is often based on stage hypnosis.
Hypnosis is derived from hypnos being the Greek term for sleep,the Greeks having used sleep temples back in 4000 BC.
Relaxation of the conscious mind would have been a more accurate description.

So whilst undergoing hypnotherapy many clients may assume they are in a state of “sleep” and undergoing “therapy” all at the same time. Very few if any smokers undertake “therapy” for stop smoking

However hypnotherapy does realign feelings, which stem form the subconscious to a more positive state, and gives an all-important edge when it comes to becoming a non-smoker or breaking a habit.
So the name hypnosis is really a misnomer.

Stage hypnosis is based on entertainment, suggestibility and illusion. An impression is thereby given it is an external state, which is the opposite of what it really is an internalised state. Therefore people can be wary of hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a process whereby you are working with a person to help instil a superior form of physical and mental relaxation to help realign the all powerful emotions to a more positive go forward state.

This is referred to as trance state, by bypassing the conscious mind and critical faculty. We do this every day when driving a car, reading a book of if we come emotional. Difference is hypnotherapy is a process, which undertakes this state in a controlled setting with a fee-paying results expectant client.

As hypnotherapy is a powerful process working with the subconscious/right side of the brain we refer to it as “right brain coaching”. This is a more accurate description of the work that we do.

Training franchises

A training franchise is a set up whereby you pay an amount to buy into a training provider and then pay a percentage of your gross income to them. (This can vary between 17.5% to 25% of the gross)

This saves you having to write your own training material and having it approved,so it can be a much quicker route into training.
To be an effective trainer you need to be an experienced hypnotherapist.
The franchisor may or may not take this into consideration.

Trainer levels may be lower due to the fact that after net costs, the net profit share of the remaining balance will be lower.

They may still advertise 2 trainers however only one will be in full time attendance the other may “guest” at various slots.
This will affect the level of practical work, which may mean you will have to pay more for practise sessions outside of the training.
The franchisor may or may not visit the franchisee to see if the training taking place resembles the prospectus.

Terence Watts in his guide to hypnotherapy training providers is especially scathing of franchise operations.

Some may hide the fact that it is franchise by saying they are a “director" or it is an "academy"

If you’re looking at training providers in the Milton Keynes and Swindon area and wish to know whether a training provider is franchise please call or email for more information.


Some training providers state that you can only practise using their HPD qualification because of forthcoming regulation. This is total nonsense.
Nothing as yet has been agreed about regulation nor compliance, especially with regard to hypnotherapy training.

In the main hypnotherapy is undertaken by part-timers, very few run full time practises. To do that you must be able to run a very professional and effective operation, whereby results and ethics are key.
If a practitioner is Senior Reg.This means at least 500 hours in practise so the likelihood is they are full time, with the skills set to match.

As a start point if you are looking at ethics and standards, anybody coming into hypnotherapy,or is in the business, should be credit checked regularly , and checked to see if they have a criminal or police record.

What can help our profession is the education of the public, away from the link to stage hypnosis. Most perceptions are based on this and this unfortunately makes hypnotherapy underused as a technique.
Hypnotherapy should be in the main stream and until stage performers are marginalised as just that, and nothing else, hypnotherapy will overall remain under used.

Friday 12 February 2010

When is a training provider an Academy?

An academy-for those that like to use the term- (Greek Ἀκαδημία) is meant to be an institution of higher learning, research, or honorary membership. The name actually traces back to Plato's school of philosophy, founded approximately 385 BC at Akademia, a sanctuary of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, north of Athens, Greece.

Glaziers stress test

Score Statement

Don't mind leaving things temporarily unfinished 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Must get things finished once started

Calm and unhurried about appointments 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Never late for appointments

Not competitive 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Highly competitive

Listen well, let others finish speaking first 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Anticipate others in conversations, interrupt finishing their sentences

Never in a Hurry, even when pressured 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Always in a Hurry

Able to wait calmly 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Uneasy when waiting

Easy Going 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Always going at full speed

Take one thing at a time 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Try to do more than one thing at a time. What's next?

Slow and deliberate in speech 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Vigorous and forceful in speech, use a lot of gestures

Concerned with satisfying yourself not others 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Want recognition from others for a job well done

Slow doing things 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Fast at doing things

Relaxed 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Hard driving

Express feelings openly 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Hold feeling in

Have a large number of interests 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Few interests

Satisfied with life 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Ambitious

Never set own deadlines 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Often set own deadlines

Feel limited responsibility 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Always feel responsible

Never judge things in terms of quantity, just quality 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Quantity is more important

Casual about work 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Take work very serious

Not very precise 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Very precise, careful about detail

If you undertake the test please email your results and we will respond with your stress levels.

The following is a brief guide as to what may also help reduce stress.

· Meditation
Learning how to relax and stilling the mind. Very similar to hypnosis in as much as it focuses on physical and mental relaxation.
· Aromatherapy
Use of essential oils for relaxation
· Tai chi & chi kung
Gentle rhythmic movements and breathing
· Reflexology
This takes the view that the hands and feet provide a map of a recipient’s health. Practitioners work on the feet to help reduce stress levels
· Hydrotherapy
Immersion in hot/cold water
· Reiki
Harnessing the power of “universal energy”
· Acupressure
Acupuncture without the needles. Using gentle pressure to balance the flow of energy around the energy
· Colour therapy
Relating the seven colours of the rainbow to the seven man chakras.
· Sound therapy
Using sonic frequencies to retune our energies when they go off key
· Crystal therapy
Use of crystal for energy realignment

stress management workshops run by wellerassociates

Workshop 1 Theory

The aim of this workshop is to give a total grounding and understanding of stress and its effects on an individual. The following will be covered;

· What is stress?

· Workplace stress

· Short term stress damage

· Long term stress damage

· Stress response

· Immune system

· Discovery of stress

· General adaptation system

· Stress measurement

· Human functionality curve

· Practical steps and coping strategies

· Stress and personality

Workshop 2 Practical Application

The aim of this workshop is to apply practical skills so that an individual can counter stress. Also by engagement of communication skills are able to avoid unnecessary stress.

· Communication skills

· Body language

· Personality types

· Active listening

Hypnotherapy/NLP/EFT for stress management

Online stress management-the future?

Hypnotictracks hypnosis downloads have been created by leading clinical UK hypnotherapist Sam Weller the founder of wellerassociates.

If you are looking at this page, as you want to be more relaxed and to feel less stressed there are some tremendous benefits to using a stress management download from hypnotictracks.

Firstly the stress management download has been based on 20 years of actual clinical experience. Hypnotictracks is the virtual division of wellerassociates and was launched in 2005, and has already has helped hundreds of people to become less stress and more relaxed.

This stress management hypnotherapy download allows you to benefit from hypnosis as a very cost effective solution when compared to the fees that a hypnotherapist may charge.

If you are new to hypnosis and considering it as an option to relieve stress you do not have to fear that you may be “under” someone else’s control.

Therefore you can enjoy a hypnotherapy session as many times as you need in the comfort of your own home. Hypnotictracks uses advanced hypnotherapy techniques to ensure results. These techniques go well beyond the scope of other types of download/MP3 or CD.

This stress management download is backed up by a full no quibble 90-day Money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Plus a unique online back up service so you have your own fully qualified hypnotherapist on call.So in effect you have your own stress management hypnotherapy programme

Smoking ban

The smoking banThe UK Government smoking ban in public places and the workplace became law yesterday. The smoking ban - The problemIf you work for the MOD and want a smoke, you may have to drive miles off premise to do so. If you are an NHS nurse you actually have to change out of uniform before you can go off premise to smoke. Aside from the obvious health issues and cost of smoking, which employer wants to possibly lose the staff that just cannot comply with the ban?

Who wants to be fined? Employers that fail to comply with the law could be fined between £200 and £1,000 for failing to display 'no smoking' signs, and between £200 and £2,500 for failing to enforce the ban. Employees could face a £50 penalty for flouting the ban. The ban is also being enforced with the Government spending £30million on enforcement officers.


stop smoking some facts

The results of numerous trials both in Europe and the USA have suggested that hypnosis is the most effective way to stop smoking (New Scientist 31.10.92. page six).

The American Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy (1968) published a report that showed that 94% of patients that were able stop smoking through hypnosis were still not smoking 18 months later. The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (1970) cites a study with 88% reporting success after one year.

A recent study from the University of Iowa published in the Journal of Applied Psychology cites 48 studies of hypnosis covering 6000 smokers. The results clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of stop smoking with hypnosis

New Scientist vol 136 issue 1845 p6

To find the most effective method to stop smoking, Frank Schmidt and research student Chockalingham Viswesvaran from the University of Iowa conducted a meta-analysis, bringing together the results of more than 600 studies totalling nearly 72,000 people. The results, which were published in the Journal of Applied Psychology and included 48 studies of hypnosis covering 6000 smokers, clearly showed that hypnosis was three times more effective than Nicotine Replacement.

Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little". (New Scientist, Vol 136 issue 1845 31 Oct 92, page 6)

"..93% of Niotine patch users fail within a half year...(Freedom From Tobacco - Quit Smoking Now.htm)

1. NRT - Replacement nicotine delivered by the patch, gum, lozenge, spray or inhaler comes from the exact same tobacco plant as nicotine in cigarettes. Clinical efficacy and real-world effectiveness are two different standards. What those selling NRT fail to reveal is that in no real-world quitting methods survey to date (California, Minn., Quebec, London, Maryland, Australia) have those using NRT performed better than those quitting without it. A 2003 study combined and averaged the 7 OTC nicotine patch and gum studies. It found that only 7% were still not smoking at 6 months. It gets worse. A 1993 study (Tonnesen) found that 0% of second-time patch users succeeded in quitting for 6 months and a 1995 study (Gourlay) reported a 1.6% six-month quitting rate.

2. Zyban - Zyban (bupropion) is a dopamine uptake inhibitor in pill form. In all real-world use surveys to date it has yet to perform better than those quitting without it, at rates similar to NRT.

3. Chantix - 2006 studies boast a 1 in 5 one-year quit smoking rate but were inflated by 16 one-on-one counseling sessions and telephone support. Real-world use rates will be substantially lower.

Research by The New Scientist Magazine (1992) has shown hypnotherapy to be the safest and quickest way to quit smoking. People were six times more likely to quit with one session of hypnosis and remain non-smokers over 12 months after their session, compared to those who used Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

The advantage of hypnosis is that it removes the dependency and craving of quitting without risking the side effects of rashes and potential long term damage that has been associated with Zyban. Those using NRT are know to have to try to quit on average six times before succeeding, thereby investing heavily in substitute products and addictive chemicals, before developing a stronger will or abandoning any belief in quitting altogether.

Studies in America have shown that hypnosis is the most effective method of stopping smoking for good with an 85% success rate in just one session!

This contrasts with the low rates of 10% success for those using nicotine gum and 6% compared with willpower alone.

(Mathews, R (1992)

New Scientist, Vol. 136, No. 1845, p.6.)

To find the most effective method to stop smoking Frank Schmidt and research student Chockalingham Viswesvaran from the university of Iowa used a meta-analysis, utilising the results of more than 600 studies totalling nearly 72,000 people.

The results, which were published in the Journal of Applied Psychology and included 48 studies of hypnosis covering 6000 smokers, clearly showed that hypnosis, to use the same terminology as the quit counsellor, was three times more effective than NRT.

sex therapy

We live in a time pressured age and when it comes to meeting people and enjoying your sex life to the maximum this site offers a very unique combination of products to help you do just that.You may want to meet that very special person who has evaded you thus far or you may need greater sexual fulfilment.

Sexual feel good is unique in giving you this eclectic mix to help you get the best from your love life.Through this sexual enhancement website you will also have links to resources such as online dating, sexual enhancements, and a range of professional produced hypnosis downloads. Sexual feel good sexual enhancement hypnosis downloads have been created by a leading clinical UK hypnotherapist with 20 years experience in helping clients with sexual issues.
So if you want a great sex life start using the power of your mind, feel confident when attracting others and look forward to your sexual encounters. Our hypnosis downloads and CD`S cover the following:

Sexual confidence
Premature ejaculation
Orgasmic pleasure
Breast enlargement
Sexual energy
Penis enlargement
Animal magnetism

We like to think it is the only complete package in the market place that helps you find suitable partners and enjoy your sex life to the full, by using the power of your mind with full access to sexual enhancement aids plus having modern sex potions on tap. Everything you need to have a truly awesome sex life.

why hypnosis works for your sex life

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful form of complete relaxation which helps programme the subconscious mind to both unblock stagnant feelings and achieve your true sexual potential.

A common, effective use of hypnotherapy is to lower your anxiety.

The anticipation of failure (particularly for men anxious about their ability to have or to maintain an erection) brings on feelings of anxiety.

This in turn brings about the pressure to perform and failure. Hypnotherapy ends this vicious circle and replaces the anticipation of failure with the certainty of sexual success and sexual confidence.

Sexual enhancement therapy methods are more readily accepted by someone when in hypnosis because the conscious, judgmental, analytical part of the mind is temporarily set aside. The subconscious then absorbs the new, positive messages being by the hypnotherapist to create.

Precisely because hypnosis taps into the autonomic nervous system, a person can use it to improve or alter functions that normally happen without conscious control, e.g., a man's erection.

hypnotherapy and Stress Management Training Milton Keynes

Welcome to the Weller Associates Milton Keynes hypnotherapy, training page. Weller Associates offers offers quality Hypnotherapy Training and Stress Management Training if you live in the Milton Keynes area.

For more information about hypnotherapy, stress management and soft skills training click here to go to the Weller Associates Hypnotherapy Training main web site.

Sam Weller formed Wellerassociates in 2004. Bringing more than 20 years of hypnotherapy practice and training to the table. Weller Associates offer a unique blend of training that delivers the confidence, understanding and level of practice that produces hypnotherapists who can offer full time hypnotherapy and successfully develop their own private practice.

The General Hypnotherapy Register is the UK's largest accrediting body for recognised and accredited diploma courses and has accredited this course.

Sam Weller developed the Weller Associates course to redress the issues he found during his time delivering hypnotherapy and NLP courses on behalf of other training providers to hundreds of students. (Testimonials)

Thus the wealth of expertise and experience of practise management and hypnotherapy training is now available in a format that filters out the "infill" and filters in everything that is needed to successfully run a hypnotherapy practise including ongoing support and supervision.
Some comments:

"I trained under Sam Weller for my Hypnotherapy Diploma, Sam is an outstanding trainer and great communicator. He uses his wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure his students not only understand and master their subject, but, crucially, also become fully competent and confident as practitioners. Sam is an excellent presenter and maintains a lively and fun learning atmosphere. He is very very friendly and approachable and his help and advice outside the lecture room has always been invaluable. I can’t recommend him highly enough."

Nick Pease

Weller Associates students are one step ahead of the pack in being able to identify and comfortably deal with the real issues of why fee-paying clients use hypnotherapy.

Sam is in full time clinical practice and is based in Chipping Norton and Oxford.

Weller Associates training are currently running the GHR diploma courses in Swindon and Milton Keynes - Each course will have 2 trainers. If you enrol you will be trained in those locations and not moved onto somewhere else. More locations are planned for 2010 including Oxford and Reading.

Milton Keynes Hypnotherapy, Milton Keynes stress management training, Milton Keynes hypnosis 
hypnotherapy Milton Keynes, hypnosis Milton Keynes

wellerassociates group stop smoking hypnotherapy process

This can be used in house and sessions to be run at a convienient time whether lunchtime or after work. (Or before work)

The group sessions are based on the tried and tested 3-session approach to stop smoking, conducted at weekly intervals. Back up CD`s and MP3`s are provided as part of the package. (At no additional cost)

A coaching back up process will also be in place as although in groups we are dealing with individuals, this can be done by phone or by email. (No additional cost)

Plus we have extensive experience of dealing with groups (BBC 2007) we also run diploma courses throughout the year so presentation skills would be of the highest standard.

A typical programme would look like something this (3 sessions held at weekly intervals)

Session 1

Meeting the group. Introduction to wellerassociates background details

Explanation of the techniques employed and the difference between clinical hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis fully covered.

Induction and programming
Debrief and indications of trance state
Back up cds or for those that want an mp3 that will be sent as well
Time to be allocated 60 minutes

Session 2


Repeat of session 1 (Induction and stop smoking programming)
Session 3

As above

During the programme and after (no time limit) there will be an experienced full time hypnotherapist available as part of the programme.

For more details please refer to www.wellerassociates.co.uk stop smoking section and the audio visual (default page). This will provide more details on the process.

Fee structure

50+ £20 per employee per session

40-50 £30 per session

30-40 £35

20-30 £30

20 and below £50 per session

4 is the minimum number
This compares with £65 per session for 121 stop smoking hypnotherapy (London rates on average £85+)

For numbers greater than 50 other hypnotherapists will be available if required. All hypnotherapists are very experienced trainers and presenters.

On site consultation for interested parties is available before hand

Wellerassociates are fully indemnified for group hypnotherapy

hypnotictracks anxiety

"My experience with using the hypnotictracks anxiety download was life changing literally…. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a life changing disability that brought on a tremendous amount of anxiety and had been to every doctor and of course they all wanted to put me on medications. I tried them all because I wanted to get better and get on with my life but the side effects were too much for me to handle. I was in bed for months due to my disability and the anxiety. My body became stuck in a state of constant anxiety and there was nothing that anyone could do except drug me. The anxiety got so bad that it hindered my efforts to get better. I ordered Sam's download on anxiety and began to listen to it several times a day and before bed and within about a week I began to notice that I was relaxing and experiencing a sense of peace... I was able to deal with my disability and face it in a healthy way and now I use his downloads because they relax me each night. I would recommend them highly to anyone. I intend on ordering more in the future and I believe they will also help my children as well."

Laura Brower, Georgia USA

hypnotherapy training

This training has far exceeded my expectations! In fact, being a scientist this has tremendously helped me gaining new insights into the subconscious world and made me look at research approaches from a different angle. Sam Weller is very knowledgeable and creates an experiential environment that fosters ultimate learning with passion, humour and creative hands on training. I highly recommend training with Sam  to anyone who really wants to get to grips with hypnotherapy on highest standards.

Best wishes

Dr. Susanne Droste
Research scientist

hypnotherapy training

"I trained under Sam Weller  for my HPD (Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma), Diplomas in Hypnotherapy and NLP and my Certificate in Stress Management. Sam is an outstanding trainer and great communicator. His  wealth of experience and knowledge to ensures his students not only understand and master their subject, but, crucially, also become fully competent and confident as practitioners. Sam is an excellent presenter and maintains a lively and fun learning atmosphere. He is are very friendly and approachable and his help and advice outside the lecture room has always been invaluable. I can’t recommend him highly enough."

Nick Pease
Graphic designer

Looking for a training provider then you need to consider the following

· Training experience. Are the trainer’s full time hypnotherapists or just fresh off a course? Are they Senior Registered with an organisation (500 hours minimum of clinical work)? How are the classes run as Masterclassess or powerpoint slide shows?

· Trainer class ratios are they 6:1 or 60:1

· Is practise management covered?

· Trainer styles are they complementary so you learn more?

· Is the training relevant based on core hypnotherapy and NLP or is top heavy on theory as infill to increase the numbers of hours?

· Course content. Theoretical or practical based.

· Are the hours as advertised realistic and actual?

· Location accessible with parking

· Venue.presentable and professional.

· Length of course relevant and to the point or just dragged out over a 10-month period?

· Payment options by card/cheque/cash.monthly/1/2/ full installment. Are you penalised for monthly payments?

hypnotictracks stop smoking

I had tried for years to stop smoking never quite made it. My boyfriend John recommended hypnotictracks as he had used one of the tracks to help him relax. Basically it worked.

When I told my friends I was using hypnosis to help me stop smoking they all laughed and pretended to dangle pendulums in front of me.

Anyway I phoned Sam before downloading and he told me to “forget about the stage nonsense”, the tracks will do it for me providing I meant business about giving up. He also told me the track would come with his own personal guarantee and to feel free to ask questions at any time.

So I downloaded and after listening to it stopped smoking. Sam advised me to listen to it a few more times to be on the safe side, and now smoking just does not come into my thoughts at all.

Meanwhile I see these around me who were quick to criticise, on patches, chewing gum, and thinking about smoking all day long. Best of luck to them.

If anyone had told me a few weeks ago I would be using the power of my mind to stop smoking I would have laughed at them.

Sandra Bashford, UK

hypnotictracks weight loss

Dear Sam,

After trying many varied diets, clubs and gyms in order to loose weight, I finally found the secret of achieving weight loss, and this was by using hypnotictracks for weight loss.

After only two weeks of using the ‘hypnotic tracks ‘downloads in I have successfully lost 11 lbs.

Although in the beginning I was unsure as to whether hypnotictracks would work, I can say hand on heart this has really worked for me, I feel more confident, younger and comfortable in my skin.

I would like to keep my method of losing weight a secret so all my girl friends envy me, but I feel so positive that I will be singing your praises telling all of my friends that hypnotictracks really does work.

Many thanks from a confident, happy, healthy woman.

Mrs Daryl Mortimer

Housewife, Witney, Oxfordshire

weight loss testimonial

Dear Sam, just wanted to write to you to thank you for your Hypnotic Tracks - I started my campaign to loose 23lbs before my Wedding. I am delighted to say I have achieved that and more! I've seen a 22% reduction in my fat as well as dropping a tremendous 6 points on my BMI to a healthier 27. I found your Hypnotic Tracks an easy solution to support my weight loss program and everyone has commented on how good I look. I'm not one to endorse but the track did exactly what it said on the tin, I never felt hungry and found it easy to make the right choices and feel good about it. Thanks again for your advice, and best wishes from both my soon to be wife Melanie and I.

Scott Whitrow

EMEA Training Accounts Director

hypnotherapy weight loss

Weight loss reality

Weight loss for some can be the eternal “how to” each “new” diet or new “re-cycled” diet offers the same. If you look at the word diet the first 3 letters are DIE. (Death of the metabolism)

Unfortunately all these diets work on the starvation principle of some sort, and drastically reduced calorie intake.

Or by eating solid protein, or by living off a boring liquid diet. None of them address the relationship to food, which is a lifetime one. A person’s weight gain quite often is down to emotional eating, and the stressors that may course this. Eating can provide comfort and then someone eats what he or she wants, as opposed to what they need, they gain weight.

Diets slow down the metabolism, after 4 days of starvation the body shuts down and goes into starvation mode protecting the very calories you are trying to loose.

Metabolism slows right down and you feel lethargic. When you start eating again the weight piles back on and with a metabolism the pounds will keep piling back on.

Anybody been there before?

Dieticians and so called experts do not tell you that the body likes and needs good old fat, it serves a useful propose. Supplies us with a foodstore in times of starvation and keeps us warm. Unlike muscle, which is cosmetic, and burns off calories.

The subconscious mind still acts as if we were in the cave.

Diets do not address this in any way, shape or form. The key is to work with the body. The body will accept weight loss of 2lbs a week maybe a little more. Much more than this and the weight loss is fluid and muscle tissue. In extreme cases the body will break down internal organ tissue to synthesis the protein and feed itself.

If the weight loss is slow it stays off. Therefore no more “yo-yo” effect, and another cycle of dieting/weight loss/gain with the latest “make you thin” wonder diet.

Working with the body is the key.

Everybody knows what he or she should and should not eat. The key is feeling good about doing it. Getting the balance back to eating what you need as opposed to what you want.

Unfortunately we live in an age of easy and instant with those all so seductive miracle diets offering absurd amounts of “easy” weight loss in a matter of days or weeks. I have helped clients to lose weight who have tried every diet under the sun. Always the same. People know they are a con but just have to give it one last try

Hypnosis is a process whereby you can work with the body and feel good about doing the things that you know you should be doing. Once you are into a rhythm the weight comes off, slowly, naturally, safely and stays off.

Psychologically you feel good, as long lost confidence in your ability to lose weight returns as you have finally found something that you can work with.

You lose weight once not a hundred times!!

Sam Weller

Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practise


stress help for carers

Stress help for Carers

No matter how deeply you care for the person you are caring for, the fact is being a carer is stressful. Stress is damaging in the long term because it can lead to illness, depression and exhaustion.
You may well feel you are coping with your caring role, however there may come a time when you experience higher than normal levels of stress. To enable you to continue your caring role effectively and also to ensure your own health does not suffer it is important to be able to deal with stress in a practical and easily applied way.
Whether the person you provide care for has a mental or physical disability makes very little difference, it is the continual and constant having to care for them that can be so physically and emotionally draining. Why does a carer become stressed? ?The cause of your carer stress might be complex.
You could be worried about the health of the person you love and care for, or the attitudes of other members of the family. You may well feel guilty about the way you feel sometimes. Stress can potentially put a strain on relationship due to the continual stress experienced by the carer and possibly the perceived lack of support from the partner. Lack of support and feeling totally isolated in your role a carer can all play a part in making you feel worse. Carers have to maintain relationships with other people outside the home. Common feelings to carers
The pressure of being a carer may lead to anger and a feeling of a loss of control. This can be very damaging. Sometimes it can be very hard to cope with these feelings as well as having to care for someone. You may well feel guilty for feelings of anger towards the person you are caring for.

Stress symptoms

As a carer you may not have the time to think about how you are coping and how you are feeling. Symptoms of stress include irritability and generally feeling more emotionally drained and perhaps tearful, lack of appetite or perhaps eating too much and putting on weight. Not being able to sleep or waking up early. General feelings of feeling anxiety. A suppressed immune system can mean, more virus infections than usual, lack of energy, short temper and raised blood pressure.

You might feel isolated, pessimistic and almost overwhelmed as a carer. All these raw emotions create stress. When your body is stressed you have more stress hormone called cortisol in your body. If levels of cortisol are too high for too long then blood pressure goes up, digestion is suppressed causing stomach problems and sleep is driven out. Stress is not only harmful to your health and well-being, it can also damage your relationships, so it's vital to identify the causes of stress and be able to tackle them as soon as possible in a practical and cost effective manner.
Stress and the cureIf you are a carer for someone else then chances are you are neglecting your own needs to some extent. You have needs for:

To be able to relax.
Quality sleep and rest.
Quality relationships.
Feeling safe and secure.
A sense of connection to your family and community.
Be able to enjoy yourself.
Achieving your own goals in life.

Your caring role may prevent you getting some of your needs being met. Being able to relax is so important. When you relax your stress hormone levels level out, your blood pressure becomes normal and your immune system works better.

To enable you to feel relaxed and cope as a carer Wellerassociates working in partnership with Guideposts Trust have produced a range of MP3s and CDs.
50% of any income generated goes back to the Trust.

All you have to do is listen in the comfort of your own home at a time of your choosing.
Sam Weller has been a hypnotherapist since 1989,with extensive experience of stress management. As part of his working arrangement with Guideposts Trust Sam will be accessible to answer your questions and provide an on going counselling and support service when ever needed, and for as long as needed.

Sam’s website www.wellerassociates.co.uk.
Direct line 01608 645445

hypnotherapy training milton keynes

hypnotherapy training with wellerassociates will be starting at milton keyens in april

hypnotherapy training swindon

Wellerassociates will be running hypnotherapy diploma courses from April 2010 at the Holiday Express Inn Swindon for Reading area students. Principal Sam Weller has been a hypnotherapist for over 20 years having been trained in 1989 by the world renowned Gil Boyne. The GHR standards consul validates the course.

Sam Weller’s training experience, Regional training manager for a large financial services company, Tutor for Chrysalis and Director of Training for the Academy of Clinical and Medical hypnosis. The hypnotherapy diploma course will be run over 5 x 2-day masterclasses with emphasis on practical application. The course will be geared to the needs of running a hypnotherapy practise full time or a second income stream.

Our approach means you will be qualified far quicker than the more traditonal training methods and generating income sooner. Our course content is relevant and focused to the realities of running a modern day hypnotherapy practise.

The training will take place at the actual venue in Swindon so you will not be moved on elsewhere. Each course will have 2 trainers minimum. The training team consists of Sam Weller,Alison Gatenby,Scott Whitrow,Jon Margotts and support trainers Nick Pease and David beck. This is not a franchise operation. Therefore we can resource the training with more trainers.

Uniquely 3 months of coaching /supervision/ support will be offered at no extra cost. No interest is charged for instalment payments. Cost £1750(full upfront payment 20% discount £1400)

Further details Sam Weller. Principal. SQHP. (Senior Qualification Hypnotherapy Practise) 01608 645445 http://training.wellerassociates.co.uk/ sam@wellerassociates.co.uk

"A fantastic course with Sam - most weekends were full of fun as well as lots of lectures and practical work. The tutor on this course was knowledgeable, very approachable and very much full of character in class. Not only did I come away as a hypnotherapist but also I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend retreats that this type of course was able to offer and on this course I was also able to continue on my journey of self-development. I also met some fantastic and interesting people on this course. I have set up the hypnotherapy business alongside my other therapies so I am utilizing all that I have learnt, in my work as well as it helping in my everyday personal life. I recommend this course to anyone who wishes to become a hypnotherapist or for anyone who wants personal growth, as long as you are happy to work hard and are prepared to laugh a lot along the way".

Sam Simmons
Wootton Bassett

hypnotherapy training some facts

The more organisations that recognise the hypnotherapy training the better it is?

Not so. A recognised body (there are several) that can independently validate the quality of training to set criteria and standards is enough. Their validation allows the training to award a diploma, which means that indemnity can be acquired which is a legal requirement to be able to practise and charge fees.

The more awards we give you the better the hypnotherapy training.

In the real world what matters, when you are running a practise is having the skill set from a hypnotherapy diploma that allows you to be effective, within the actual work streams that will be presented to you. Most work streams for hypnotherapy are based on smoking, weight loss and anxiety. Anxiety underpins most if not all of the work. Also phobias and whatever your chosen market is.
Even more important is having the tool kit to be able to attract clients and build up your skill levels and professionalism. Most clients are referred to you from other clients who have experienced successful outcomes working with you.
Hypnotherapy is a practical profession and results driven. Full time hypnotherapists who are the minority are self-employed.
Some training providers in striving to be able to advertise training in other areas, to attract more students, invariably go outside their own areas of expertise.

HPD is the finest qualification in the land for hypnotherapy training

This is often touted by training schools that offer it. HPD "training" is not really further training at all but rather relies upon the submission of a portfolio of varied material - scarcely viable evidence of either superior training or resultant superior practitioners. It often duplicates the diploma, which you are studying for

HPD will be required for hypnotherapy training due to forthcoming regulation

Not so. Regulation of any type has yet to be agreed. There is absolutely no link between the need for HPD to be able to practise and any forthcoming regulation.

HPD is the only externally verified and independent hypnotherapy training in the land

HPD has been created by the NCH. and is marked and assessed by them as such after a trainer has marked it. The NCFE produces the award. In my experience having trained students in it and thus having marked numerous portfolios, not all portfolios are then actually assessed. It is totally theory based.

The more hours the better the hypnotherapy training?

Not so. Quality not quantity. If a training provider knows the business, and what they are doing, and provides the number of hours required without unnecessary excess and no more, (with validation from a major body that has examined the training) you will be able you to practise successfully. Especially if free coaching back up and support has been provided.

hypnotherapy training swindon

hypnotherapy training Swindon April