Feb 2013

Feb 2013
Diploma awards

Friday 9 March 2012

Why is our training different?

 Having been a trainer for 2 other hypnotherapy-training organisations on reflection the training offered was very theoretical and offered no real practical element.

Hypnotherapy is a practical occupation. Courses crammed with superfluous knowledge, which will not be used, do not prepare you for the real world. Lengthy courses are usually repetitive in that the theory provided to extend the training hours lets you believe you are getting more.

Quality not quality is the key.

In the real world of running a practise you run it like a business in order to generate income and enhance your skills.

Having worked in the business since 1989 and with thousands of hours under my belt I can tell you clients use hypnotherapy 90% in the main for the following:

Weight loss


Stop smoking

 You can of course venture into other areas as I have done such a sports and business skills (public speaking, goal achievement)

So we concentrate on what people use hypnotherapy for and help you obtain real practical knowledge in order to achieve results.

Not just brush over it so we can upsell you some CPD a later date.

People use hypnotherapy for the 3 areas described above as the more psychological type of work goes elsewhere although if that fails I have found that they turn to hypnotherapy as a last resort. We do not train you to be jack-of-all-trades master of none.

At wellerassociates we offer 3 months post diploma support at no extra cost to help you establish yourself

We focus on the key skill of helping someone really relax with you. This is understated but essential. With out this you have nothing, as you cannot help a client achieve trance state. Therefore you cannot access the subconscious.

We refer this as master/mistress of the 60 minutes as that is the time you have with a client during session.

What works is a good solid basic diploma, which prepares you for the real work of running a hypnotherapy practise

For more details please refer to the training site http://training.wellerassociates.co.uk/

Friday 2 March 2012

Hypnotherapy sessions and what happens?

Before a sessions starts a terms of business is sent to the client after the client has booked in. This confirms everything that has been discussed in writing and includes the number of sessions, payment options and directions to which practise they have chosen.

Once the client has arrived every effort is made to make them as comfortable as possible. Physical and mental relaxation being key. Comfy chairs being the order of the day.

After a fact find is conducted the induction starts.

Before any induction a very thorough explanation is given as to what hypnosis is and more importantly what it is not. Stage shows and films have shaped many attitudes, with the evil hypnotist controlling the person who is in their presence, invariably wearing black robes, with bloodshot eyes, and a slightly constipated look.

Once a client has been through the induction and programming /uncovering work a full explanation is given around the techniques employed. I refer to this as the debrief.

Feedback is important so that a person understands that they have engaged trance state.

It is an educational process and we both work as team to get the best possible results that a client is paying you for.

As each session progresses a client allow themselves to become mor erelaxed and often free-fall relaxation occurs.They go on the drift whereby the analytic, conscious side of the mind is more relaxed so the subconscious mind is open for positive powerful and beneficial suggestions. Results are everything.

Over the years I have been asked some strange questions including,” will I have an out off body experience”?

My definition of hypnosis is a superior form of physcial and mental relaxtion(which leads to emotional relaxation) allied to positive go forward suggestions.(therapy)

Rather than hypnotherapy I much rather prefer the term "right brain coaching" much more accurate and without the negative connotations you get around the word hypnosis.