Feb 2013

Feb 2013
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Wednesday 21 July 2010

Right brain coaching

The word “Hypnotherapy” spells out visions of being “under” and “in therapy”.
As a practising full time hypnotherapist of 21 years neither term in the real world applies.

Right brain coaching is a much more accurate description of the work you do. Using relaxation techniques to confuse, bypass, and relax the conscious mind in order to access the subconscious.

We access the subconscious mind every day but in a random manner.
If you drive, read a book, watch a film, or become emotional then you leaving the subconscious mind (right side of the brain wide open).

Hypnotherapy takes this a stage further by accessing the right side of the brain to achieve results for fee-paying clients.
This enables feelings to be realigned to a much more powerful sate.
Or in other words give you an edge.

The subconscious mind reacts very differently to the conscious mind. Therefore by employing purely cognitive approach you may listen and agree however your feelings don’t change.

If feelings are pitted against will power then will power comes second.
A skilled hypnotherapist will know how to set the framework to help a client achieve a particular objective. That objective can be anything the clients choose.

Wednesday 14 July 2010

wellerassociates working with PSTD worldwide

Sam Weller has been selected to run the therapy operation for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Worldwide.
PTSD help veterans deal with their problems and come to terms with their combat experiences.
For more information please go to the website PTSD worldwide.com

Tuesday 6 July 2010

Should pregnant women be subjected to testing to see if they smoke?

As a clinical hypnotherapist who has helped smokers over many years I am not certain that testing pregnant women will achieve at a practical level. Smokers become non-smokers as part of what we call “readiness for change”. A strong desire must been in place for hypnotherapeutic techniques or any other for that matter to work.

The desire factor to be a non-smoker is all-important without that then a smoker will invariably stay a smoker or start again.
Many factors make up “readiness for change”, such as health, cost of smoking, concerns regarding the example given to children, or pregnancy.
Once a person has decided to become a non-smoker then that is where a hypnotherapist comes in. I use the term non-smoker, as just stopping smoking is not enough.

Testing pregnant women to see if they are still smoking and encouraging them to stop is well meaning but in my opinion somewhat misguided.
It is far better to educate and encourage rather than subject to tests.
A good example is the UK smoking ban. Many smokers continued out of sheer defiance or at work smoked “underground”. In my experience it had little impact on those wanting to be a non-smoker. At best it might have been part of the stop smoking equation.

Stress and anxiety are the biggest reasons why people smoke or go back to smoking. More attention should be directed to this area. I would rather see initiatives based around teaching pregnant women how to relax as an alternative to smoking.
For some people a few smokes a day may be the only chance they have to relax.
To conclude education is a far more effective tool than subjecting pregnant women to tests.
(Article published in the Oxford Mail Monday the 12th of July)

Saturday 3 July 2010

hypnosis and weight loss

Weight loss for some can be eternal. Why? Each new diet or new re-cycled diet offers the same. If you look a word diet first 3 letters are DIE.
Unfortunately all these diets work on the starvation principle of some sort, and drastically reduced calories. Or by eating solid protein, to living off a boring liquid diet. None of them address the relationship to food, which is a lifetime one.

Diets slow down the metabolism after 4 days the body shuts down and goes into starvation made protecting the very calories you are trying to loose.
Metabolism slows right down. When you start eating again the weight piles back on and with an almost wrecked metabolism the pounds pile back on.
Anybody been there before?

Dieticians and so called experts do not tell you that the body likes and needs good old fat, it serves a useful propose. Supplies us with a food store in times of starvation and keeps us warm. Unlike muscle, which is cosmetic, and burns off calories.

The subconscious mind still acts as if we were in the cave.
Diets do not address this in any way shape or form. The key is to work with the body. The body will accept weight loss of 2lbs a week. Any more is fluid and muscle tissue. If the weight is lost slowly it will stay off. Therefore no more yo-yo effect.

And another cycle of dieting with the latest wonder diet.
Working with the body is the key.
Everybody knows what he or she should and should not eat. The key is feeling good about going it.

Unfortunately we live in an age of easy and instant with miracle diets offering absurd amounts of weight loss in a matter of days or weeks. We have helped clients to lose weight who have tried every diet under the sun. Always the same.

Hypnotherapy is a process whereby you can work with the body and feel good about doing the things that you know you should be doing. Once you are into a rhythm the weight comes off, slowly and naturally and safely and stays off.

Psychologically you feel good, as long lost confidence in your ability to lose weight returns as you have finally found something that works
You lose weight once not a hundred times!!