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Feb 2013
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Friday 12 February 2010

hypnotictracks stop smoking

I had tried for years to stop smoking never quite made it. My boyfriend John recommended hypnotictracks as he had used one of the tracks to help him relax. Basically it worked.

When I told my friends I was using hypnosis to help me stop smoking they all laughed and pretended to dangle pendulums in front of me.

Anyway I phoned Sam before downloading and he told me to “forget about the stage nonsense”, the tracks will do it for me providing I meant business about giving up. He also told me the track would come with his own personal guarantee and to feel free to ask questions at any time.

So I downloaded and after listening to it stopped smoking. Sam advised me to listen to it a few more times to be on the safe side, and now smoking just does not come into my thoughts at all.

Meanwhile I see these around me who were quick to criticise, on patches, chewing gum, and thinking about smoking all day long. Best of luck to them.

If anyone had told me a few weeks ago I would be using the power of my mind to stop smoking I would have laughed at them.

Sandra Bashford, UK

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