Feb 2013

Feb 2013
Diploma awards

Tuesday 16 February 2010


The original hypnotic tracks produced in June 2005, were priced at £9.99.
Since then we have gone on to add, online coaching and back up, weight loss guide, guide how to get the best, audio visual, money back guarantee, numerous testimonials, hypnotictracks club newsletter, affiliate scheme, multiple purchase discount, mutli currency facility, free stress guide, additional download at point of sale to make sure that any interruptions have not affected your download (power cut etc). CD version.
Plus in April 2007 the sexual enhancement section was added.

The site has come along way and is outstanding value at £22.50 per track and considerably cheaper then using a hypnotherapist, and with unlimited online support and back up

However for those that just want the basic download and nothing else, we went back to source and produced hypnotictracks4u.
At the original price of £9.99

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