Feb 2013

Feb 2013
Diploma awards

Friday 12 February 2010

Looking for a training provider then you need to consider the following

· Training experience. Are the trainer’s full time hypnotherapists or just fresh off a course? Are they Senior Registered with an organisation (500 hours minimum of clinical work)? How are the classes run as Masterclassess or powerpoint slide shows?

· Trainer class ratios are they 6:1 or 60:1

· Is practise management covered?

· Trainer styles are they complementary so you learn more?

· Is the training relevant based on core hypnotherapy and NLP or is top heavy on theory as infill to increase the numbers of hours?

· Course content. Theoretical or practical based.

· Are the hours as advertised realistic and actual?

· Location accessible with parking

· Venue.presentable and professional.

· Length of course relevant and to the point or just dragged out over a 10-month period?

· Payment options by card/cheque/cash.monthly/1/2/ full installment. Are you penalised for monthly payments?

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