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Friday 12 February 2010

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Weight loss reality

Weight loss for some can be the eternal “how to” each “new” diet or new “re-cycled” diet offers the same. If you look at the word diet the first 3 letters are DIE. (Death of the metabolism)

Unfortunately all these diets work on the starvation principle of some sort, and drastically reduced calorie intake.

Or by eating solid protein, or by living off a boring liquid diet. None of them address the relationship to food, which is a lifetime one. A person’s weight gain quite often is down to emotional eating, and the stressors that may course this. Eating can provide comfort and then someone eats what he or she wants, as opposed to what they need, they gain weight.

Diets slow down the metabolism, after 4 days of starvation the body shuts down and goes into starvation mode protecting the very calories you are trying to loose.

Metabolism slows right down and you feel lethargic. When you start eating again the weight piles back on and with a metabolism the pounds will keep piling back on.

Anybody been there before?

Dieticians and so called experts do not tell you that the body likes and needs good old fat, it serves a useful propose. Supplies us with a foodstore in times of starvation and keeps us warm. Unlike muscle, which is cosmetic, and burns off calories.

The subconscious mind still acts as if we were in the cave.

Diets do not address this in any way, shape or form. The key is to work with the body. The body will accept weight loss of 2lbs a week maybe a little more. Much more than this and the weight loss is fluid and muscle tissue. In extreme cases the body will break down internal organ tissue to synthesis the protein and feed itself.

If the weight loss is slow it stays off. Therefore no more “yo-yo” effect, and another cycle of dieting/weight loss/gain with the latest “make you thin” wonder diet.

Working with the body is the key.

Everybody knows what he or she should and should not eat. The key is feeling good about doing it. Getting the balance back to eating what you need as opposed to what you want.

Unfortunately we live in an age of easy and instant with those all so seductive miracle diets offering absurd amounts of “easy” weight loss in a matter of days or weeks. I have helped clients to lose weight who have tried every diet under the sun. Always the same. People know they are a con but just have to give it one last try

Hypnosis is a process whereby you can work with the body and feel good about doing the things that you know you should be doing. Once you are into a rhythm the weight comes off, slowly, naturally, safely and stays off.

Psychologically you feel good, as long lost confidence in your ability to lose weight returns as you have finally found something that you can work with.

You lose weight once not a hundred times!!

Sam Weller

Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practise


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