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Feb 2013
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Friday 12 February 2010

Smoking ban

The smoking banThe UK Government smoking ban in public places and the workplace became law yesterday. The smoking ban - The problemIf you work for the MOD and want a smoke, you may have to drive miles off premise to do so. If you are an NHS nurse you actually have to change out of uniform before you can go off premise to smoke. Aside from the obvious health issues and cost of smoking, which employer wants to possibly lose the staff that just cannot comply with the ban?

Who wants to be fined? Employers that fail to comply with the law could be fined between £200 and £1,000 for failing to display 'no smoking' signs, and between £200 and £2,500 for failing to enforce the ban. Employees could face a £50 penalty for flouting the ban. The ban is also being enforced with the Government spending £30million on enforcement officers.


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