Feb 2013

Feb 2013
Diploma awards

Friday 12 February 2010

stress management workshops run by wellerassociates

Workshop 1 Theory

The aim of this workshop is to give a total grounding and understanding of stress and its effects on an individual. The following will be covered;

· What is stress?

· Workplace stress

· Short term stress damage

· Long term stress damage

· Stress response

· Immune system

· Discovery of stress

· General adaptation system

· Stress measurement

· Human functionality curve

· Practical steps and coping strategies

· Stress and personality

Workshop 2 Practical Application

The aim of this workshop is to apply practical skills so that an individual can counter stress. Also by engagement of communication skills are able to avoid unnecessary stress.

· Communication skills

· Body language

· Personality types

· Active listening

Hypnotherapy/NLP/EFT for stress management

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