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Feb 2013
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Friday 12 February 2010

wellerassociates group stop smoking hypnotherapy process

This can be used in house and sessions to be run at a convienient time whether lunchtime or after work. (Or before work)

The group sessions are based on the tried and tested 3-session approach to stop smoking, conducted at weekly intervals. Back up CD`s and MP3`s are provided as part of the package. (At no additional cost)

A coaching back up process will also be in place as although in groups we are dealing with individuals, this can be done by phone or by email. (No additional cost)

Plus we have extensive experience of dealing with groups (BBC 2007) we also run diploma courses throughout the year so presentation skills would be of the highest standard.

A typical programme would look like something this (3 sessions held at weekly intervals)

Session 1

Meeting the group. Introduction to wellerassociates background details

Explanation of the techniques employed and the difference between clinical hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis fully covered.

Induction and programming
Debrief and indications of trance state
Back up cds or for those that want an mp3 that will be sent as well
Time to be allocated 60 minutes

Session 2


Repeat of session 1 (Induction and stop smoking programming)
Session 3

As above

During the programme and after (no time limit) there will be an experienced full time hypnotherapist available as part of the programme.

For more details please refer to www.wellerassociates.co.uk stop smoking section and the audio visual (default page). This will provide more details on the process.

Fee structure

50+ £20 per employee per session

40-50 £30 per session

30-40 £35

20-30 £30

20 and below £50 per session

4 is the minimum number
This compares with £65 per session for 121 stop smoking hypnotherapy (London rates on average £85+)

For numbers greater than 50 other hypnotherapists will be available if required. All hypnotherapists are very experienced trainers and presenters.

On site consultation for interested parties is available before hand

Wellerassociates are fully indemnified for group hypnotherapy

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