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Feb 2013
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Thursday 4 March 2010

regulation of hypnotherapy training

Some training providers state that you can only practise using their HPD qualification because of forthcoming regulation. This is total nonsense.
Nothing as yet has been agreed about regulation nor compliance, especially with regard to hypnotherapy training.

In the main hypnotherapy is undertaken by part-timers, very few run full time practises. To do that you must be able to run a very professional and effective operation, whereby results and ethics are key.
If a practitioner is Senior Reg.This means at least 500 hours in practise so the likelihood is they are full time, with the skills set to match.

As a start point if you are looking at ethics and standards, anybody coming into hypnotherapy,or is in the business, should be credit checked regularly , and checked to see if they have a criminal or police record.

Some hypnotherapy organisations allow testimonials and some do not.My view is that they can provide important evidence of effectiveness and professionalism and as long as they can be backed up, are therefore valid.

Hypnotherapy practioners must always show on there websites which organisation they are affiliated to,especially if they promote themselves as advocates of regulation.

What can help our profession is the education of the public, away from the link to stage hypnosis. Most perceptions are based on this and this unfortunately makes hypnotherapy underused as a technique.
Hypnotherapy should be in the main stream and until stage performers are marginalised as just that, and nothing else, hypnotherapy will overall remain outside of the mainstream.

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