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Feb 2013
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Thursday 4 March 2010

hypnotherapy training some facts

The more organisations that recognise the hypnotherapy training the better it is?

Not so. A recognised body (there are several) that can independently validate the quality of training to set criteria and standards is enough. Their validation allows the training to award a diploma, which means that indemnity can be acquired which is a legal requirement to be able to practise and charge fees.

The more awards we give you the better the hypnotherapy training.

In the real world what matters, when you are running a practise is having the skill set from a hypnotherapy diploma that allows you to be effective, within the actual work streams that will be presented to you. Most work streams for hypnotherapy are based on smoking, weight loss and anxiety. Anxiety underpins most if not all of the work. Also phobias and whatever your chosen market is.
Even more important is having the tool kit to be able to attract clients and build up your skill levels and professionalism. Most clients are referred to you from other clients who have experienced successful outcomes working with you.
Hypnotherapy is a practical profession and results driven. Full time hypnotherapists who are the minority are self-employed.
Some training providers in striving to be able to advertise training in other areas, to attract more students, invariably go outside their own areas of expertise.

HPD is the finest qualification in the land for hypnotherapy training

This is often touted by training schools that offer it. HPD "training" is not really further training at all but rather relies upon the submission of a portfolio of varied material - scarcely viable evidence of either superior training or resultant superior practitioners. It often duplicates the diploma, which you are studying for

HPD will be required for hypnotherapy training due to forthcoming regulation

Not so. Regulation of any type has yet to be agreed. There is absolutely no link between the need for HPD to be able to practise and any forthcoming regulation.

HPD is the only externally verified and independent hypnotherapy training in the land

HPD has been created by the NCH. and is marked and assessed by them as such after a trainer has marked it. The NCFE produces the award. In my experience having trained students in it and thus having marked numerous portfolios, not all portfolios are then actually assessed. It is totally theory based.

The more hours the better the hypnotherapy training?

Not so. Quality not quantity. If a training provider knows the business, and what they are doing, and provides the number of hours required without unnecessary excess and no more, (with validation from a major body that has examined the training) you will be able you to practise successfully. Especially if free coaching back up and support has been provided.

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