Feb 2013

Feb 2013
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Friday 26 March 2010


Anxiety underpins most if not all of the work you do as a hypnotherapist. Anxiety is free range, people feel anxious about being anxious, and anxious if they are not anxious, so that the anxiety returns and everything is then back to “normal”.
I call it anxiety syndrome. Many may not even understand why they are feeling anxious.

The anxiety track can break that habit and reverse the negative downward spiral. This track works well with relaxation and confidence.

Anxiety can drain you of energy; you always feel tired, so increased energy and relief of tiredness were devised to counter this.

Side effects of stress and anxiety include the need to move from pain to pleasure so people may eat more, so there is a need to eat less by realigning the relationship to food. Without feeling as if you are on a diet. Some may lose weight instead.

Many find breaking a smoking habit more difficult.

Anxiety may be caused by having to engage in public speaking when you have never done this before or you may have a fear of flying.

If you have any questions regarding anxiety please feel free to contact me.


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