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Feb 2013
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Thursday 4 March 2010

hypnotherapy training franchises

A training franchise is a set up whereby you pay an amount to buy into a training provider and then pay a percentage of your gross income to them. (This can vary between 17.5% to 25% of the gross)

This saves you having to write your own training material and having it approved,so it can be a much quicker route into training.
To be an effective trainer you need to be an experienced hypnotherapist.
The franchisor may or may not take this into consideration.

Trainer levels may be lower due to the fact that after net costs, the net profit share of the remaining balance will be lower.

They may still advertise 2 trainers however only one will be in full time attendance the other may “guest” at various slots.
This will affect the level of practical work, which may mean you will have to pay more for "practise sessions" outside of the training.
The franchisor may or may not visit the franchisee to see if the training taking place resembles the prospectus.

Terence Watts in his guide to hypnotherapy training providers is especially scathing of franchise operations.He states

"The Franchised Training School
BE ESPECIALLY CAREFUL OF THIS ONE: It is becoming quite common for owners of schools to get therapists to run their courses in different parts of the Country. All well and good, except for the fact that it often looks to the student as if you are studying with a branch of the 'parent' school. The fact is, though, that these satellite schools frequently do not belong to and are not under the guidance/jurisdiction of the 'parent' school. It is a business transaction, pure and simple, like a franchise operation".

Some may hide the fact that it is franchise by saying they are a “director" or a "principal" or they run an "academy" even.At the end of the day it is still a franchise.

If you’re looking at training providers in the Milton Keynes and Swindon area and wish to know whether a training provider is franchise please call or email for more information.

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