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Feb 2013
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Saturday 27 March 2010

Workplace stress

What is stress

H&SE definition

Adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demands placed upon them.

Why is there so much stress around at work??
· Compliance
· Paper work
· Lack of communication
· Technology
· Relocation
· Down sizing
· Promotion
· Bullying
· Corporate stress management

· Why
· H&SE
· Options
· UK is at the bottom of European league for getting people back to work

Source CIPD

· H&SE 2000 18 million days lost
· UK stress related illness costing 3.75b –7bn pa

Source Gary cooper Univ Manchester Pres International stress management Association

· Stress related illness Europe’s largest single source of sickness absence costs.
· 64% (ISMA) 2002 UK workforce is suffering from workplace stress
· 66% say stress is reducing job satisfaction
· 33% believe reducing productivity
· 75% 18-24 yr olds surveyed said experienced it


Meeting July 2004, which I attended CIPD &HSE workshop-how to take forward

· Discussion guidelines /benchmarks
· Recent survey of safety procedures by business information service Conel
· 79% taken no action/interest draft standards
· 55% completely unaware
· Guidelines were due to be enforced end 2004
· Feedback from H&SE inspectors-not happening
· 2 HSE inspectors making compensation claims against HSE workplace stress and unreasonable demands

Is it an employers concern??

· “Yes it your duty in law to make sure your employees are not made ill by work. Stress can make your employees ill.”

· How do I recognise stress in a person??

“Many of the outward signs of stress should be noticeable to managers…”

6 key workplace stressors

· Cope demands
· Adequate say in how/control
· Support
· Not subject to bullying/relationships
· Roles
· Involvement in organisational changes
· Benchmarks 65%-85%
· 15%-35% of staff could feel under severe excessive pressure for any given standard causing stress-employer has been seen to meet obligation.
· Why
· CBI 1992 360 m days lost
· 8.5 cost to organisations
· £5b economy
· 1996 institute of Management 270,000 took time off everyday due to workplace stress
· Lost production NHS charges 7B

Legal costs

· Walker V Northumberland county
· Costs employer 400k damages/trial/sick pay
· Latest figs Unison 2004 5m Brits suffered workplace stress

· H&SE has guidelines/standards will make it easier for employees to bring actions against firms failing to act.
· Nobody is taking any notice
· Inspectors are not enforcing
· Door wide-open for compensation.
· Only a matter of time
· Employee win no fee basis
· Request Riddor reporting form no 2508
· No mechanism dealing stress insurer dim view
· Claim civil route failed duty of care
· Improvement notice
· Organisation stress assessment /audit
· Not complying with the law
· Feedback HSE bullying


· Ensure employee handbook & induction shows that management aware adverse effects too much stress
· Clear written & precise procedures refer to stress policy
· Precise job description
· Stress agenda management meetings
· Offer communication workshops-improved communications means better productivity
· Offer stress management workshops

· Monitor stress levels questionnaire x2 a year.3 things company can do to reduce stress. Anonymous /actions taken
· Simple records book combat unreasonable stress
· Recruitment interview see how they handle stress.

Prevention is better than cure or compensation

· Stress policy-show them
· Guide to work related stress H&SE
· CIPD Managing Organisational stress
· hypnotictrack relaxation & confidence download
· Stress test
· Work stress .net –Ian Draper


Studied it in some depth


· Actively listen
· Body language
· Relate style flex. On –verbal communication unlike
· Skilled at 121`s
· Open ended questions
· Management style-bully/ buy in

Stress identified

· Techniques I use offer complete physical and mental; relaxation-antidote to stress.
· Stop smoking/weight gain
· Website Corporate stress management
· Communication training
· More business.

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