Feb 2013

Feb 2013
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Wednesday 7 April 2010

hypnotherapy sessions and what to expect

Before any hypnotherapy starts we normally discuss with the clients what they require, fees charged and number of sessions required. Everything spoken is confirmed in writing with a terms of business sent by email, including directions to the practise and where to park.

At the first hypnotherapy session the client’s requirements are discussed in detail. Before any induction starts a full and comprehensive explanation of the techniques to be employed will be explained. This is essential for the client to fully understand what is happening and why, thus allowing them to have confidence in the process and relax.

After the session a full and comprehensive debrief is undertaken so the clients knows that trance state was engaged and communication with the subconscious mind did take place. This is important for the follow up session whereby clients usually go much deeper into trance thus enjoying the quality relaxation and allowing greater access to the subconscious.
Technique not mystique being the order of the day.

A hypnotherapy CD/MP3 is also provided as back up, and for weight loss clients a weight loss guide.

Sessions are usually held at weekly intervals, which works best. The subconscious mind loves repetition and simple, direct and clean language delivered by a professionally trained hypnotic voice. This allied to a strong desire factor for readiness for change can achieve great results.

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