Feb 2013

Feb 2013
Diploma awards

Friday 4 July 2014

Exciting new online hypnotherapy training

Online hypnotherapy training course

 Introduction to personal and practise hypnotherapy certificate

Our exciting online hypnotherapy course comprises of 5  informative modules with lots of practical exercises:

The first module is available  on redemption and thereafter the remaining modules are sent automatically  on a  monthly basis.

The 5 modules are


1.Introduction to the history of hypnosis.

2.The key to a good hypnotic voice-including a free "relaxation and confidence " hypnosis download

3.What hypnosis can be used for-weight loss, stop smoking & stress management. The way to a new you!

4.How to write a hypnotic script and  using self hypnosis.

5.Practical tips and confirming your understanding  of hypnosis.

Finally your certificate-introduction to personal and practice hypnotherapy.

This course comes in an easy to follow PDF format with informative tutorials, hypnosis mp3 downloads and lots of practical  exercises  so you can master your new skill. Audio visuals are included and the course comes with full online coaching and support by experienced practicing hypnotherapists.

Each module  is sent out separately so you have time to perfect each module and  obtain an effective hypnotic voice. You have  12 months to complete  the course, therefore giving you plenty of time .Certificate given on completion of the course.

This  course is perfect for someone who would like to know more about hypnotherapy thinking of doing a diploma in hypnotherapy or would like to use self -hypnosis for self improvement

Course cost £249

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