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Feb 2013
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Sunday 28 November 2010

Weight loss and why wellerassociates hypnotherapy is so effective.

Weight loss for some can be eternal. Why? Each new diet or new re-cycled diet offers the same. If you look a word diet first 3 letters are DIE.
Unfortunately all these diets work on the starvation principle of some sort, and drastically reduced calories. Or by eating solid protein, to living off a boring liquid diet. None of them address the relationship to food, which is a lifetime one.

Diets slow down the metabolism after 4 days the body shuts down and goes into starvation made protecting the very calories you are trying to loose.

Metabolism slows right down. When you start eating again the weight piles back on and with an almost wrecked metabolism the pounds pile back on.

Anybody been there before?

Dieticians and so called experts do not tell you that the body likes and needs good old fat, it serves a useful propose. Supplies us with a food store in times of starvation and keeps us warm. Unlike muscle, which is cosmetic, and burns off calories.

The subconscious mind still acts as if we were in the cave.

Diets do not address this in any way shape or form. The key is to work with the body. The body will accept weight loss of 2lbs a week. Any more is fluid and muscle tissue. If the weight is lost slowly it will stay off. Therefore no more yo-yo effect.

And another cycle of dieting with the latest wonder diet.

Working with the body is the key.

Everybody knows what he or she should and should not eat. The key is feeling good about going it.

Unfortunately we live in an age of easy and instant with miracle diets offering absurd amounts of weight loss in a matter of days or weeks. We have helped clients to lose weight who have tried every diet under the sun. Always the same.

My weight loss Hypnotherapy programme is a process whereby you can work with the body and feel good about doing the things that you know you should be doing. Once you are into a rhythm the weight comes off, slowly, naturally, and safely and stays off.Goodbye to diets forever.

Psychologically you feel good, as long lost confidence in your ability to lose weight returns as you have finally found something that works

You lose weight once not a hundred times!!

We have also developed  a 6 module weight loss coaching programme for those of you that would like a more "coachy" approach to your weight loss goals as well.This package can be bought direct from us for £50.It is a interactive programme and we welcome questions.Each module is sent weekly.

Some feedback
I am stunned about my eating,only tiny portions.Very strange, and I am incredibly impressed it is briliant.
I am passing Sam `s details on to all my clients.

Jane Bateson
Groupon client, Witney Oxon.


Dear Sam,
After trying many varied diets, clubs and gyms in order to lose weight, I finally found the secret of achieving weight loss, and this was by using hypnotictracks for weight loss.

After only two weeks of using the ‘hypnotic tracks ‘ weight loss download,I have successfully lost 11 lbs.

Although in the beginning I was unsure as to whether a download would work, I can say hand on heart this has really worked for me, I feel more confident, younger and comfortable in my skin.

I would like to keep my method of losing weight a secret so all my girl friends envy me, but I feel so positive that I will be singing the praises of your weight loss download and telling all of my friends that hypnotictracks really does work.Plus I really appreciate the ongoing online back up programme, which has meant I have continued to loose weight.
Many thanks from a confident, happy, healthy woman.

Daryl Mortimer

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